First album

Okay so this week I’m going to talk about the first album I remember buying myself. Of course I’ve had albums bought for me as a child but I count this one as I physically picked it up and went to pay for it, under my own initiative. If that makes sense?

Anyway, my first abum was Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance, which I bought in 2010, a few months after it came out. I first got into My Chemical Romance earlier that year, and initially didn’t like them. However this had to do with just starting high school, and trying to fit into the popular groups, therefore convincing myself I liked pop music/chart music…which I knew deep down I didn’t. Then Dad started to listen to them, playing Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade on a regular basis, and I gradually began to like them. I remember the music video for ‘Na Na Na’ being released, and after watching it I said, ‘Oi Dad! That weird band you like have released a new video!’. After listening to that song and a few others, I grew to love the album and MCR in general.

The upbeat sound of Danger Days, with its electronic elements, commentary by Dr Death-Defying (aka Steve Righ? from Mindless Self Indulgence), and strong concept and story-line, all combined to make this (in my opinion) a perfect album. ‘Summertime’ was even played at my Nanna’s funeral, and now I listen to that song with reflection and memories of her. It’s pretty emotional. What I loved was that MCR still included an element of humour in this album, which is prevalent in the last track, ‘Vampire Money’. Everyone kept wanting them to make a song for the ‘Twilight’ franchise, which Gerard Way was not interested in, so made an anti-twilight song highlighting that people wanted them to make the song just to get the money.

Danger Days made me start to love music and get a real passion for it, giving me a whole new genre to explore, instead of forcing myself to listen to the commercially churned out chart music I thought I had to listen to. It lead to me going through different phases in the next few years, discovering new bands and following MCR in the last few years of their journey, even their World Contamination Tour, which I will write about in the next blog.

Vicki x


Tori is a Headbanger’

Hey, happy Tuesday!

Time for another story…or I guess an overview of more of a precise genre of music that was played throughout the whole of my childhood, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that genre is Punk.

Firstly, you’re probably asking yourself if punk is a suitable genre for a child to be brought up on. The answer is no, but my parents did it anyway. As I was so young I didn’t understand why the Ramones were talking about sniffing glue (or what glue sniffing ACTUALLY was) or why the Sex Pistols had so much beef with our Queen, but nevertheless I loved it. I took more interest into how fast the songs were, and how upbeat they sounded, singing along not caring that the Sex Pistols ‘Pretty Vacant’ was also created so they could say ‘c*nt’ on live TV and I was in fact saying that word. As I grew older I respected what John Lydon, Sid Vicious etc tried to do, which was to bring attention to the failing Government, and how dysfunctional society was becoming during the 70’s, as the media kept trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, yet it was the creative ones, such as the Sex Pistols, who saw through that.

The Ramones…I have nothing but love, praise and admiration for them. They are a band who have been a constant throughout every year, they are always played at some point, always mentioned in a conversation. The love comes from my Dad, who has pretty much every album they made, including anthology, and their documentary ‘Too Tough To Die’. In middle school I was the only one with a Ramones t-shirt, and remember singing the chorus to ‘You’re Gonna Kill That Girl’ in the middle of the playground. I even had a couple of their songs played at Prom, which I was pretty proud of. One day I hope to see Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg live, and hear those precious songs played by an actual Ramone. That would mean everything. My favourite album has to be Rocket To Russia, starting with Cretin Hop it just maintains that pure, raw punk the Ramones were known for, before they got signed by Phil Spector and he changed their style almost completely for most of End of The Century, using his infamous ‘Wall of Sound’ in songs such as their cover of ‘Baby, I Love You’.

(When retail shops brought out t-shirts, jumpers, any item they could find, with the Ramones (and various other bands) logo on them, I honestly got very angry. The people buying them and wearing them didn’t know who these icons of punk were! Their logo was even printed on flower print crop tops! I found it quite insulting, and disgraceful that these places were using a band so treasured in the music industry just to bring in extra money. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked…)

Punk is a genre, with its simple 4/4 timing, fast tempo and distorted guitars, which will always be close to my heart. It’s a genre that you are able to play when you are feeling happy, and energetic, or sad and angry. It’s a genre which, hopefully, will never die out.

Vicki x

Hello world!

This is your very first post. 

Happy blogging!

Why thank you, well seeing as this is my first post I guess I’d better introduce myself a little…

Hi I’m Vicki, Victoria, whichever you prefer- I wont correct you I’m not fussy- and I’m using this place to write any random things I have to say about music. Music is something that is a very huge part of who I am, so huge in fact that I have to listen to at least 3 songs when I wake up in the morning, otherwise I’m not mentally prepared to deal with anyone.

I was brought up surrounded by music, as my parents were bikers who went to see bands all through the 70’s and 80’s, from the Ramones to Motorhead, Hawkwind to Cradle of Filth, they saw pretty much everyone who bands today now cite as their influences. Their regular haunt was West Runton Pavilion, where they saw Iron Maiden (before Bruce Dickinson), Blue Oyster Cult and The Damned, before the venue was sadly demolished in 1986.

The first album I remember actually putting on and playing (I must have been about 6 or 7?) was Guns N Roses ‘The Spaghetti Incident’. I loved that album, and Mum always used to tell me about the time she travelled all the way up to Milton Keynes to see Guns N Roses, something Dad still gets jealous about today. She said that she rang him up to tell him about the gig and he just said ‘Who’s this?’. I also remember Appetite for Destruction being played a lot, and now I realise how that was bad parenting, considering the last song is Rocket Queen, where Axl Rose included a recording of himself having sex with a hooker in with the solo. I guess its good I can’t remember that…maybe they go to the stereo in time to turn it off?

I have so many more stories about music, from the first album I bought, how my tastes have changed, when I first got into the main bands I listen to, and of course about the may gigs I have been to. They will all be told here, and I may even include album reviews and gig reviews just to mix it up a little.

Vicki x