News Piece: New Music from…SUGAR!

The Manchester 5-piece announced the release date of their upcoming new single ‘Late Night’! The highly anticipated song will be available to be pumped into your ears on the 17th May. The announcement came on the 20th April, accompanied by the singles official artwork, after a cheeky teaser post was uploaded the day before, featuring a live shot of the band.

This follows months of teasing clips from rehearsals and gigs on their Instagram stories and photo’s from writing sessions. SUGAR have been working their socks off getting this new song perfected, as well as balancing gig after gig at various Manchester venues, being long-listed for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition, and gaining radio play. Phew!

The gorgeous artwork was designed by Martha Taylor, to match their beautiful, dreamy, synth-pop sound. To accompany this release, SUGAR will also be playing a huge headline gig with Idle Hours (presented by Borders Management) at the Castle Hotel in Manchester, on the 16th June. Make sure you’re following SUGAR on all social media platforms, and following them on Spotify so you can be one of the first to hear ‘Late Night’ on 17th May.

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A Sweet Little Q&A: Meet SUGAR!

How did you come up with the name SUGAR?

Mathew- Before we were a full-on band, I was just doing it on my own, as a project. I wrote a song that was called ‘Sweet’, and I didn’t have a name for the project, and I thought that SUGAR was a nice little bit of symmetry.

What’s the story behind the band?

Avani- That’s a great story!

Mathew- So I was just making music on my own, and then I met Connor really early before I met a lot of people, and Connor was really interested in playing bass, so then we got a drummer in as well and we just started playing, the three of us.

Avani- And that’s where I came into the equation- because we (Avani and Mathew) were in the same class in first year, and you (Mathew) put a post on the student group saying you wanted a keys and synth player. I’d never played the synth before, but I play the piano, so I was like, sure let’s give it a whirl! I didn’t know whether I was properly in the band or not, or whether you were just testing me out…I had to like, ask!

Connor- Looking back on it then as well, it was quite bare-boned. The drummer at the time was just playing an electronic pad, and he left right before we were playing a gig for a huge promote. He just didn’t even turn up so Avani and Mat had to do it acoustically. Two weeks later before a headline show we found João.

Avani- He just came in and started playing our songs for us that he’d never heard and was absolutely bossing it.

Connor- Then we got his mate Tiago in on guitar…

Avani- The Portuguese duo.

What is SUGAR’s vision? Your dreams?

Avani- Infiltrate Downing Street! Starting there (laughs).

Mathew- I think just to play more shows in more places and to release more music to a bigger fan-base over time.

Avani- Also I feel like, from where we started, to where we are now has been such a progression. What we’ve been thinking about more recently is how the music is going to evolve and homing in on what SUGAR actually sounds like.

What genre would you say SUGAR is?

Mathew- We like to fluctuate between a few different genres…

Avani- Don’t dull it down, it’s queer as fuck!

Connor- It’s what we said before, at the end of the day, the main umbrella I think is pop and then we just kind of have different sub-genres of that which our songs fluctuate between.

Mathew- I always want to write different things.

Avani- I feel like every time we start a new song, just on our own, it’s something that we’ve never done.

Connor- I feel like it’s a reflection of our tastes in music as well. All of us have such a diverse taste in music, none of us have the exact same likes and dislikes when it comes to artists and bands. I think that shows throughout our music.

How did you come up with your overall aesthetic and make it fit so effortlessly into your style of music?

Mathew- When it started, I always had an appreciation for aesthetic with music, but didn’t necessarily practise that. After Avani joined, I think just from being friends with them over the past year or so, it’s brought out a lot of my kind of aesthetic.

Avani- We’re fashion stars on the rise!

Mathew- So I think I just wanted to do things that were a bit more queer, a bit more fem and just blur the gender stereotypes a little bit.

Avani- We talk a lot about how you present yourself in real life, versus how you present yourself on stage, because for a lot of people there isn’t any distinction. For us we want there to be a level of fantasy, and we go for full fantasy every time.

Who are your main influences?

Mathew- A lot of just like, classic pop music and Bowie and Prince.

Avani- And house, a lot of house.

Mathew- Yeah because when I started it (SUGAR) I was making a lot of electronic music as I really love stuff like Caribou and Four-Tet, and I wanted to make it really melodic and synth-y. But obviously it’s changed a lot since then, although a lot of those elements are still there. Influential queer artists (play a part as well). Thinking about us all enjoying playing music is where the shoe-gaze elements come in.

Avani- Being in SUGAR really changed the way I approached music. When I came to uni I was very much set on just doing rock music and being in a rock band, and that was all I wanted to do and what I listened to. But seeing other people perform in first year and then joining a band, it made me appreciate and understand the nuances of pop music a bit more and all these other styles of music that I never really got that into, which has changed the way I write my own music as well. Just because, well, synths are fun!

Connor- I agree, I still listen to a lot of psychedelic music but through being with the band I have discovered a lot more artists and albums that I don’t know why I hadn’t listened to them sooner.

What is your favourite gig that you have played so far?

All- Night and Day Café, with The Elephant Trees and Sequin Sally!

Avani- That was a legendary gig in our brains.

Are there any gigs you’re especially looking forward to playing?

Mathew- We’ve got two coming up, one this month (February) hosted by HUX and a pound of each ticket is going to two different charities. That should be really fun. Then on the 7th March we’re playing Free Vibes which is at Band On The Wall (NQ, Manchester).

Connor- That one is definitely going to sell out so people should get their tickets!

Who would be your dream artist to play a show with?

Mathew- I would probably want to play with La Roux. I’ve been obsessed with her, I always have been and would love to meet her.

Avani- If we’re talking specifically about SUGAR, then, Robyn. Imagine!

Mathew- I think that would be the most fitting.

Avani- We started covering ‘With Every Heartbeat’ right from the beginning, that was one of the first covers we did.

Is there any new music currently in the work and when can we expect to hear it?

Avani- The pipeline is so stuffed, it is going to explode everywhere!

Mathew- We are probably going to release a new single in March, most likely, and then have a few more singles coming out after that which should form an E.P.

Give SUGAR some love and head on over to their Facebook page to find out all the information about upcoming gigs and new music- SUGAR Facebook Page

Gig Preview: SUGAR @ Gullivers NQ, 5th December (Charity gig for MIND)

‘Brainwaves: A Night of Music in Aid of MIND’ is taking place at Gullivers NQ in Manchester, next week on the 5th December. A special gig set up in order to raise money for the charity MIND, ‘Brainwaves’ features a great line-up of some of Manchester’s most exciting upcoming bands, including the one and only SUGAR.

SUGAR are an electronic, indie pop/rock band with some very addictive songs already under their belt, and a promise of new material to be recorded in the new year. With an eclectic, androgynous stage presence, SUGAR intrigue and get you hooked onto their music with the first listen. Their debut single ‘I Never Said’ has currently gained nearly 3,000 plays on Soundcloud, and they recently supported The Tea Street Band at their Manchester show as part of their Frequency Tour.
SUGAR will be supporting headliners Mister Twisted, an alternative-rock band with sprinkles of psychedelia and funk.

The whole purpose of the night is to raise money for MIND. A charity who are always on hand to provide advice and support for those dealing with mental health problems, they campaign to promote awareness of mental health issues and improve the understanding of these issues. Their ‘local Minds’ support over 500,000 people across England and Wales, saving lives daily. Everyone has someone in their life dealing with a mental health problem, whether it is a family member, friend, or themselves, and to have a charity like MIND available could be what gets them through. (Information from MIND’s website).

To show your support for these amazing bands and equally amazing charity, get yourself a ticket now, at only £4.50: Brainwaves Tickets

More information available here: Brainwaves Event

Gig Review: SUGAR @ Night People 2/11/18

Sugar are an indie pop/rock quintet from Manchester, with shoe-gaze elements and creativity running through their veins.
Playing Night People as part of a song-writers showcase, they are headlining the night, debuting a whole set of glorious originals that are potentially going to form their first E.P. You heard it here first.

Dressed in an array of outfits that break through the mould and are a big middle finger to stereotypes- something that is reminiscent of David Bowie and Boy George- they give off an impressive amount of confidence for a young, upcoming band. As a general summary, think a pinch of Joy Division with a heavy addition of Glam Rock finesse.

Songs such as ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Together’ are the highlights of their short but very sweet set. ‘Together’ gets all of the crowd singing along for the chorus and dancing around the room. The good vibes that are emanating from everyone are too powerful to miss. Most importantly, Sugar themselves have fun onstage and engage with the crowd, with singer Mathew Petit strutting from one side to the other, draping himself across the mic stand. He poses, yet consistently croons out vocal melodies that carry rich emotion. The band mould together in such a professional way- they aren’t here to mess around, they have dreams on the horizon.

Listen to Sugar’s latest single ‘Never Gonna Change’ on Spotify now (and keep an eye on teasers for new releases coming soon): ‘Never Gonna Change’ by Sugar

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Phones At Gigs: The Great Debate

Should mobile phones be allowed at gigs?

A subject that, in recent years, has sparked so much debate and arguments within the music community due to the popularity of the devices through new, exciting models and the apparent thirst to maintain a relevancy on social media that the younger generation is currently going through.
Gone are the days where watching a gig through your very own eyes was a way to remember moments; enter a time where, as soon as a well-loved song is played, phones are whipped out, held in the air and said song is proceeded to be played to a crowd stood still, intently watching through a screen.
The ability to live in the moment is seemingly being forgotten, as people today are increasingly feeling the need to document portions of their daily life on social media. There is nothing wrong with sharing memories and moments with a wider audience, especially if your social media following is mainly friends and family- but has it got to the point where the intimacy and magic of a gig is being lost due to feeling the need to document and share?

This is a point of discussion which has become popular in the music industry, with musicians and journalists both weighing in to give their opinion. Billie Joe Armstrong, from punk-rock band Green Day, has never made it a secret about his stance on the subject. NME reported that at a Q&A event in London in 2016, Billie Joe stated, ‘You can take your picture, but let’s have eye contact, let’s have a human experience right now you can’t capture on a cell phone’. Speaking from my own experience when I saw them in 2017 during their Revolution Radio Tour, there were a couple of moments when he was visibly pissed off at fans that were glued to their phones instead of watching them perform. He didn’t hold back in vocalising his annoyance; something which I can understand. You release a new album, rehearse for months, go on tour with so much excitement and anticipation to play these new songs to fans, only to find some of the audience being more intent on updating their Snapchat/Instagram story than actually getting stuck in to the gig.
On Twitter, music radio/TV presenter Alex Baker- in response to an article published in Kerrang about musician Rob Damiani’s thoughts about phones at gigs (read full article here: said he agree’s with the view that social media is impacting and somewhat ‘destroying’ the experience you have at a live show, saying it should be ‘raw’ with ‘pure energy’.
Rob, Alex and Billie-Joe do all agree that you can take a few photo’s to serve as lasting memories, but perhaps it’s best to leave it at that.

I have been going to gigs since I was young, and have definitely noticed the change. I’ve been to gigs at arena’s, small venues, larger venues and most of them rock gigs, punk gigs etc. It used to be that only a few people would have their phones out, taking pictures and recording songs, but now it has developed into 2/3 of the audience. I would usually bounce off down to the middle or front and leave my parents at the back,with mum in charge of photo’s/video’s so I could just immerse myself in the experience. If the gig was good enough, you would remember it without the need to record it. An incredible gig will stay in your memories for life.
Like others, I’m definitely not against taking a few pictures or 20-30 second video clips of your favourite songs. I’ve been to loads of gigs on my own since living in Manchester, and I like to send a few photo’s and clips to my parents, show them what the band is like. But after I’ve done that, I’m away, getting lost in the show and the music. The feeling of watching your favourite band live is such a beautiful feeling. It can fill you with such euphoria. Stresses are forgotten and emotion pours out of you, sometimes uncontrollably.

Perhaps gig-goers and music lovers need to reconnect with the ‘lost in the moment’ feeling. Social media is consuming us but some things should stay near free from it. Unfortunately, gigs will never be how they used to be back in the 60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s, where people would drink, dance, mosh, sing along and create memories that way. But, maybe people will start to soon remember that the real world is more important, more precious than their number of followers.
Put the phone away, get down to the front and get stuck in, even if it means getting other people’s beer and sweat on you- trust me it’s worth it.

2018: More gigs than you can shake a drumstick at

Oi oi we’re back. Second year of uni is done, the stress of assignments is over (for now) and I have some spare time and a crap tonne of writing ideas and opinions to put down. To start it all off, this post will be a look at all of the gigs I have been lucky enough to attend during this year.

I’ve talked about how the music scene in Manchester has its ups and downs, but one thing that brings me so much joy as both a music lover and journalist, is how many bands bring their shows to this culturally rich city.
Put it this way: fuck all bands come and tour Norwich. In a tour manager’s eyes, it’s a small city, there is not an arena to accommodate their performers. They literally will tour anywhere except Norwich…maybe they just don’t like Norfolk people.

ANYWAY. In the past two years that I have spent living and studying in Manchester, I have seen bands that, years ago, I came to peace with that I might never see and experience hearing their songs live. This means a lot to me. As someone who has used these performers music to get myself through some of the worst periods of my life, and to be the soundtrack to some of the best, all these gigs merge together like one big, surreal moment.
In this post I will be detailing the 5 most significant gigs that I have been lucky enough to attend these past few months (and December last year). These experiences will stay with me forever.

  1. Good Charlotte (2nd December 2017)
    I only got into Good Charlotte a couple of years ago, but their music instantly clicked in my head and I was so attached to their songs. When the opportunity to see them came up, I had to. They played all the songs I love, they appreciated the crowd so much and I did cry a bit when they played ‘Hold On’. The lyrics are so poignant that they provoked feelings I mostly suppress. But, this is an indicator that the band is doing their job correctly, it is their intention to make you feel those things.
  2. Marilyn Manson (4th December 2017)
    Okay so…this is the most disappointing gig on the list. When I got tickets to see MM, I thought, ‘Holy Shit this will be INSANE. It’s going to be the weirdest gig I have ever been to!’.
    It was actually the most boring. OH MY GOD was I bored! I feel so bad saying this but…it’s true. My expectations to see some weird, crazy, twisted show were thrown into the ground and stomped on by a goths 6-inch platform boots. It took him an hour (from when the support DJ finished) to come on stage, by that time my attention span had taken up residence at the bar, and then the whole show looked like he was trying to force something out in a desperate attempt to reclaim his youth.
    Like I said, I feel bad writing this but it’s what I genuinely feel. Marilyn Manson did what he could considering his recent injury, but it just felt limp, empty. Still, I can tick it off my list that I’ve seen the one and only ‘Anti-Christ Superstar’.
  3. Thirty Seconds To Mars (24th March 2018)
    This is actually the second time I’ve seen 30STM but I can say, watching 30STM perform is not like rocking up to a standard gig. They put on a SHOW. I managed to get tickets so close to the stage I could almost flick Jared Leto on the nose. But I wouldn’t do that, I’m not weird.
    It was the UK leg of their Monolith Tour and it was just Jared and Shannon Leto, on a moving stage in the middle of the MEN arena, and that’s all you honestly needed. Both clad in Gucci, they dominated the stage, owned the entire crowd. I felt almost honoured to be there, watching them perform anthems such as The Kill, Kings and Queens, and Walk on Water.
  4. Fall Out Boy (29th March 2018)
    MY LITTLE EMO HEART OH MY GOD. I never, ever though I would be in a place to get the opportunity to see these absolute icons. I have loved FOB since I was 11. As a music journalist, to listen to the change in their musical style over the years- especially after their hiatus- has been beautiful. It goes to show that you should not feel pressured, as a musician, to stay in one particular genre your entire career. FOB’s music has changed drastically since early songs such as ‘Champagne For My Real Friends’ and ‘Sugar We’re Goin’ Down’ were released. Listen to them, then listen to ‘Young and Menace’ from recent album, ‘Mania’. Incredibly different, but equally as great.
    Highlights from their show were; being LITERALLY a few feet away from them all, Pete Wentz performing in a TESCO cap, Patrick Stump performing ‘Save Rock and Roll’ (the song that kickstarted my career in music) and making me shed more tears, then dancing my little heart out to ‘Hold Me Tight Or Don’t’. It was the most perfect gig. I still can’t believe I finally got to hear all those special songs. I’m still not okay after it.
  5. The Wildhearts (4th May 2018)
    A proper, good old rock gig. It was messy. I got very sweaty. My hair got in some woman’s cider. I knew all the words to all their classics and was also probably one of the youngest audience members there. Fucking hell it was brilliant. People who I’ve spoken to about this gig have never heard of the Wildhearts until I told them, but I am making it so clear now that YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM. They deserve so much more appreciation than they currently get.
    The Wildhearts are a band who sound like they were made to be a live band. Their songs sound even better being performed live, they have so much more energy and sound so fuller. I used to beg my Dad to let him take me to see them when they would tour Norwich, but I was way to young at the time. So when the opening notes of ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’ reverberated around the room, and Ginger Wildheart became illuminated by the overhead lights, I felt so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. I stood there, frozen for a split second before going absolutely fucking mental, probably kicking a few people with my army boots, and I did not stop once. It was pure happiness that night, and it engulfed everyone. I’ll never forget that feeling.

The Return of ‘De:Fuzed Digital’

It’s December 2017. A Facebook post posing the question, ‘Are You Ready?’ appears, with the announcement that harder styles label De:Fuzed Digital is making it’s huge comeback. Complete with a fresh look, sharpened tools and new artists joining the roster, label manager Craig Quinn (aka Quinny) has clearly been busy.

They’ve attacked 2018 hard, already releasing a number of tracks from artists such as Eddy Taylor, Chris F and are teasing a new preview from EQ (Quinny and Eddy Taylor). Plus, they have loads more releases still to come, showcasing the best new talent in the harder styles.

De:Fuzed has had previous success with artists they’ve signed, such as Faze2, who performed at various big named hardstyle events in Northern Ireland.
‘Zodiac’, an original mix by Eddy Taylor and CochaMe reached number 2 on the Trackitdown Top 100 Dance Tracks on the 18th February. The label is doing such a good job by giving a platform for hard dance artists to get their tracks out, and to finally let people hear their talent.
It has just been announced that the De:Fuzed team will be at this years Kiddstock (Alex Kidd’s festival), with Faze2 on the Main Beach Stage, and EQ on the GIS: Rawstyle Stage.

All information about tracks can be found on their Facebook page- -and I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on what’s to be released, as 2018 will be a big year for De:Fuzed Digital and all the artists still to be announced.


Fall Out Boy- ‘Mania’ (Album Review)

Fall Out Boy have released their long awaited 7th album ‘Mania’ after months of teasing (and being a wonderful band and giving us 5 singles to get us warmed up for it). Their style of music has changed considerably from early albums ‘Take This To Your Grave’ and ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ to their last album ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’, inserting dance and pop influences and twisting them into their own take on rock music that ends up working so perfectly.

I have just listened to ‘Mania’ from start to finish and let me tell you, it has been a while since I have absolutely loved an ENTIRE album as quickly as I have with ‘Mania’. It runs so well from track to track and you already feel like you know the album because half the tracks off it have already been released for a while. The first song off the album, ‘Young and Menace’, was released back in April and I’ll admit it took me a couple of listens before I understood and properly liked ‘Young and Menace’. The style of it, the warped mess of layers of vocals and instruments- you need a minute to gather yourself because that song is so different from any Fall Out Boy song, you don’t expect them to come out with something like that and pull it off so well. ‘Young and Menace’ embodies the album title and when you listen to it you’ll know what I mean in a better sense than if I were to describe it to you. It’s messy, parts of it sound deranged but then return to calm, however it still makes you feel good when it finishes.

The two main songs off the album that I have been loving and have been my go-to songs to listen to for a couple of months now are, ‘Last Of The Real Ones’ and ‘HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T’. They both just make me so happy and so excited, I can go into my own little world whilst listening to them, definitely two of Fall Out Boy’s best most recent songs. ‘HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T’ has that catchy, holiday sounding part in the chorus and ‘Last Of The Real Ones’ is so powerful, showing of Patrick Stump’s voice to perfection. I hope they play both those songs on their UK tour so I can properly have a dance to them.

Later on in the album, it gets a bit more interesting, a little bit more different. After all those really energetic and fast-paced songs comes ‘Heaven’s Gate’ and when I was listening to this it caught me off guard. Of course it sounds incredible, because the slow, soul style of the song fits Patrick Stump’s vocals beautifully. It carries you away, and immediately reminded me of ‘What A Catch, Donnie’ from ‘Folie a Deux’. Fall Out Boy always do this type of song so well, and shows how much of a versatile, talented band they are.

All the songs off this album are equally as good as each other and this album has impressed me greatly. With a band like Fall Out Boy, there’s always so much pressure riding on them to make the next album as brilliant as the one before. The expectations are always so high, but they smash them each time they put out a new record. ‘Mania’ is awesome, it’s another development in ‘Fall Out Boy’ history and I will definitely be going back and listening to it on repeat to get myself hyped up for their Manchester show in March.

‘Mania’ is available to order now through Amazon, iTunes and to buy in stores.

You can also stream it through Spotify or Apple Music.

Information and tickets for their upcoming tour can be found here:  

Song Review- ‘You & I’ by Miranda Amess

Trying to find new music nowadays that already doesn’t sound like some recent band or artist in the charts is a very tricky thing to do. Nearly all singer/songwriters with guitars sound like a knock-off Ed Sheeran and nearly all indie-rock bands will have influences of Arctic Monkeys, The 1975 etc.

Miranda Amess however, is a different case.

She has already started to make her mark in the music industry, with her debut single ‘Gravity’ gaining airplay on BBC Introducing when it was released, and also supporting Janet Devlin (Northern Irish singer/songwriter & X Factor runner up) during her Manchester show last year.

Now, after taking time to focus on her solo music, Miranda Amess has just released her new single ‘You & I’.

The overall feel of the song itself is a soft version of a Sia and Christina Aguilera power-pop ballad. Miranda has a beautiful vocal range and her voice doesn’t get overshadowed and therefore melt into nothingness. It is not a stereo-typically processed voice like most female pop acts have. Her accent comes through, which makes her have her ‘own’ voice, and makes this song so good to listen to.  The mix between the pop style lyrics and vocals swirl together with the pop-rock instruments to create a song that has all the right boxes ticked to be brilliant.
It is a very well structured song. It has a good rhythm to it which, after a few listens, begins to sound familiar, as though this song is already in the charts- although it’s better than what’s in the charts. Miranda has written some very powerful lyrics with a lot of emotion conveyed through them- they are lyrics that people can relate to, lyrics which make people listen closer to them, to find their own personal meaning.

Miranda Amess is clearly a professional, and is very much in control of what she does as a musician. She has started making well defined tracks in the music industry, and if she continues to release songs as well put together and recorded as ‘You & I’, then attention, recognition and opportunities are not far off for Miranda.

Check out ‘You & I’ on Spotify:

Miranda Amess website:  

Song Review: ‘Heaven’s Discrepancies’ by The Empire Police

‘Heaven’s Discrepancies’ is the latest single to be released by Preston-based band The Empire Police, and upon first listen, does not disappoint. It is a wonderfully upbeat and energetic song, with an incredible catchy chorus. It’s what I like to call bubblegum sounding, like it could easily fit into an American teen comedy film.
The bass-line in the bridge sounds heavily influenced by Green Day, reminiscent of the bass-line in their song ‘Chump’ from 1994 album, Dookie.
‘Heaven’s Discrepancies’ is short but sweet, where every good thing you want from a song is packed into it 2:10 minute timeframe. You don’t get bored of it, and it’s that right amount of punk-style repetitive which makes it instantly stick in your brain.
The song, as a whole, sounds like the product of what you would get if the Kaiser Chiefs and The Hoosiers were put in a blender. That indie-pop-punk genre which was huge in the mid-2000’s.
‘Heaven’s Discrepancies’ is noticeably different in comparison to their other recently released tracks, such as ‘Yesterday’ and their self-titled E.P ‘The Empire Police’. It’s refreshing when bands do this because it shows versatility. The Empire Police are showing that they are capable of switching from laid-back, Northern indie-rock, to fast paced alternative pop-rock; and do it extremely well.
If you like what you hear and want more, The Empire Police are playing at The Soup Kitchen, Manchester on the 18th November with Scruff Of The Neck Records.
Tickets are available through Ticket Alien:

‘Heaven’s Discrepancies’ is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. 


The Empire Police Facebook Page: